How might we fly together

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How might we fly together > My dreams

Пользователи c интересом "My dreams".

четверг, 22 мая 2008 г.
Short life of the candle DrRobert 08:38:33
I want to be the candle
You kept in your hand
Nobody may believe me
I am the candle in your hand

Sadness from the wildness
got disappeared in your face
ll the beauties of the world
Was appeared with full case

I know the life is short
but not as it in a candle
But I want to be a candle
Because it's in your hand

Хочется: I wrote it for a nice friend
Категории: My dreams
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среда, 16 апреля 2008 г.
When you said, "I love you,"I went ... DrRobert 16:17:24
When you said, "I love you,"
I went over the moon.
My heart sang its glory,
The stars sang in tune.

As when with a word
God brought forth light,
So with these words
You ended my night.

So with these words
You made something new:
A bond of devotion
Between me and you.

How powerful words
To shape who we are!
We ponder in silence;
Our words cross a bar.

Your words crossed a threshold
And entered the past,
Yet they have created
A world that will last.

All I ever wanted is in you:
Love, laughter, a pillow for my fears.
I want to give and to be given to
So I might feel myself flow through the years
Alive in you, the wonder of my tears

Настроение: So so
Хочется: a trustable person
Категории: My dreams
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How might we fly together > My dreams

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